About Us

About Us

budeagleKwik Kopy Corporation and its late founders, Bud and Mary Hadfield, pioneered many concepts that have evolved to become mainstays in the quick printing industry. Kwik Kopy Printing was a leader in the area of technological application with the advent of the duplicator press and the direct image camera. That was in 1967, and today Kwik Kopy Printing, with some 500 centers worldwide, continues to utilize new technologies and expanded provider networks. Center owners are business professionals who provide a full range of printing, graphics, marketing, and mailing services, from small copy jobs to high-volume multi-color printing, and multi-channel marketing.

Our long-term goals include growth and improvement of the franchise system as a whole through commitment to excellence and the dissemination to our owners of present-day marketing, production, communication, and administration techniques. Our owners (franchisees) then utilize these techniques, along with their own determination to succeed, to continually improve the products and services provided to their customers.

For almost five decades, team members have been shaping and honing one of the most comprehensive training programs in the industry. New owners from the six franchise systems come to Texas for instruction in business management: accounting, personnel, direct sales, marketing and public relation skills, to name only a few areas of study. Continuing education is provided for owners and their employees in the form of seminars, conferences, workshops, and webinars that cover a wide variety of topics.

The one common denominator in the entire system has been always Bud Hadfield’s unflagging determination to achieve the very best for those who choose any of the franchise opportunities. His commitment to excellence is represented in more than research projects and training classes; it is in the insistence that every employee live up to the same standard.

Kwik Kopy Business Centers was launched in 2001 offering all of the services found in a typical printing center with one exception: they utilize a combination of digital equipment and outside vendors to produce high quality print and digital output. The combination of digital equipment and wholesale vendors allows them to keep overhead down. A KKBC offers all types of printed and copied products, along with additional services that cater to the needs of their community such as graphic design, marketing consultations, website development, signage of all sizes, notary services and more. There are now 19 centers open in the United States, with international licensees in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Qatar.

Kwik Kopy sister brands include The Ink Well, a printing franchise founded in Columbus Ohio in 1972 and acquired in 1992. The Ink Well center owners are positioned as knowledgeable printing consultants, trusted to provide quality printing services to the commercial printing segment of the industry.

Franklin’s Printing joined the franchise family in 1996. Founded in 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, Franklin’s center owners are committed to providing high quality, professional business communications services. Two of the Franklin’s centers are consistently among the top producers in the print franchise family.

The American Wholesale Thermographers (AWT) franchise system has serviced printing retailers with quality raised-letter printing since 1981. Five AWT centers supply professionally thermographed business cards, stationery, announcements, and invitations on the wholesale level in today’s information and service-based economy.

Although not part of the print franchise group, COMPUTER EXPLORERS, which began as COMPUTERTOTS/COMPUTER EXPLORERS in 1983, maintains a vision that computers play an indispensable role in the education of children. The company became part of the family in August 2003. COMPUTER EXPLORERS teaches children ages three and up computer and technological skills while also implementing problem solving, arithmetic, phonics, and other subjects. It also provides computer education, primarily to senior adults.

An in-house printing and mailing operation produces internal communications materials as well as direct mail services for the franchised centers. Other services include a Call Center engaged in the business of setting sales appointments for owners; a graphics department that prepares and distributes marketing materials – postcards, brochures, newsletters, and blogs – for center owners to use in their own campaigns, and maintaining websites for the ICED family of franchises.

Kwik Kopy, along with the sister brands, are located in Cypress, Texas. The family of franchises has business relationships in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, Kuwait, Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, Qatar, Dubai, Ireland, and China.